Build a Bird Class Notes

birdquilt              Build a Bird – Fly Away

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The attached pattern is similar to the pattern in the book Hot Flashes of Inspiration by Kandi Kelderman & Kim Schissel. I will have my copy of the book available for review       during the class. It will not be necessary to have a book to build a bird. I put together a little drawing before I bought the book so you will be able to use that if you don’t want to get the book (no copy write infringement).

There is also a free Bird Block pattern, which is similar to what we will be doing in class, at This is also attached and I will have copies available at class, as well.

The book is available at for $18.98 (18% off store prices of 23.00)

There is not specific/exact measurement – The authors called it “Free-piece style quilting…” So keep that in mind – it was freeing for me to just eyeball it. You will leave class with at least one completed bird for a possible wall hanging or the start to a wonderful bird quilt.

Things to bring:


  • A couple of fat quarters that you would like to use as a background for your bird block. This is my starting point and the only measured piece for me.
  • Various coordinating (or not) scraps to build your bird.
  • Then some border fabric to trim your block.

Sew Items:

  • Sewing Machine (needles, thread, etc.)
  • Cutting Matt
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • Imagination

Bring whatever you would use for a day of sewing away from home.

There will be two ironing boards and irons available – however, you can bring your own side by table setup.


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